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Working and loving it

I am working at a small security company as an HR Manager where I improve employee health and hopefully inspire them to love their jobs and this company. I'm basically doing social work for professionals working at our company. I think it's a good fit for me because it allows me to work with people with similar goals which is helping out the Orion Security.

I found this job on Craigslist walking in only expecting to be a security guard to give myself a break after coming from the State Hospital. But they saw that I put UC Berkeley on my education, which immediately raised their expectations of me and promoted me to dispatcher for a month and then up to the management office where I currently work as HR.

I believe the people make the company and in my previous employers, I did not enjoy my co-workers because they were too uptight and stressed about work. Now working in a small business we are a family with a shared goal of making money and keeping employees satisfied. We work with a lot of Afghan refugees who came to the United States after their country fell into the hands of the Taliban. A lot of them are ex-military, so security comes naturally to them. Immigrants are great workers because they do not come from much, so they are happy to be employed and they work hard.

I like Orion Security because they believe in their employees. I overheard the owner talk about priding themselves on hiring people that no one else dares to hire. Maybe it's due to the owner's spiritual beliefs because his grandparents were pastors, so he gives everyone a chance, even a second, or third. I've learned about forgiveness in church and the company truly embodies it.

As far as my symptoms go, I am trying to sort of the thoughts/voices/conscience-speaking of different careers I might try and relationships to start. Most of my voices/thoughts/conscience-speaking revolve around these areas. Work and play. The most important functions in life. Play including relationships and activities, but mostly the relationships make the activity memorable. I'm going to group therapy weekly to take care of my mental health. It helps to vent out problems, and solve them as a group as we are tackling our mental health symptoms together. Some of the topics I brought up were: what is the meaning of life, how do you know what you want to do for work. and how do you motivate yourself to exercise? All these are struggles that people whether mentally healthy or not deal with. I believe mental illness lies on a spectrum and we're turning into a society where we are all described/diagnosed on this spectrum which adds words to our new vocabulary and helps us learn and grow as a society.

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