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I made it to State

Updated: May 5, 2023

"We made it to state" WOOT, as I cheered from my handcuffed body as we veered into BlackFoot State Hospital in Idaho. This was a true testament to myself, was I McMurphy or Billy Bibbit?

I thought my life had been one big joke to this point, my motto going into the State Hospital was "Make Idaho Funny Again, MIFA, if you will." Not quite as potent as the MAGA campaign, but just as notorious. I slayed the internet with a picture of me, an Asian male flipping the bird with this skinhead MAGA supporter for Trump 2024. I was Orange Power's ground troops in Idaho, starting his grassroots campaign in Middle America Idaho. Vice President is mine for the taking. Only kidding.

State turned out to be better than expected. Most of the male staff respected me. 6'0 goes a long way wherever you go. The Asian and small peepee stereotype held me back, but once I jammed 5 and 1/4 into the telephone line when talking to my family, they know not to mess. Everyone was curious, I just had the balls to say it out loud. Cuz I bring Big Dick Energy, although that's probably all it's worth. Female staff could be bitches, saying "Oh there husbands were jealous of all this male attention I'm getting." Get used to it. I'm in State practicing my JO, and you not with the program, you never was. I don't discriminate, beauty is beauty, and love is love, I'm here to improve my social skills and Make Idaho Funny Again.

Made it out to tell the tale, the reason I went was a lil crazy on my part. I was headed to Boston to do some open mics to raise the energy for my cousin to get into her dream school Boston University, but my car broke down in Oregon, and carwrecked, I began to hitchhike my way Boston, fartin n getting comfortable with the weather. Then luckily a State Trooper swoops in and was like, "Where ya headed?" I told him the deets and said the magic words schizoaffective bipolar type and he asked for ID scanned it and took me to the nearest ER in Boise. Then they took me for further observation in a mental hospital for two weeks where at first people were just curious about this friendly Asian guy and then some guy comes out swinging, and then later we're friends again. No harm no fould. Just move forward. Like Iverson/Trump said, "Whatever don't kill me, make me stronger."

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