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Being a patient at where I used to work

Updated: May 5, 2023

My worst nightmare has come true. I am now a prisoner of where I used to work. Staff remember me, albeit fondly, but embarrassing nonetheless. When it comes to peer provider, I truly embody both words. They say that we are wounded healers, and I'm definitely wounded, the healing also comes naturally.

I used to work at Telecare and I was locked up in the psychiatric facility of Telecare. This stay was definitely better than my work experience as people were accommodating and little work was associated with it. It definitely gave me a better impression of my previous employer. At the end of my stay at Telecare, the boss even asked me if I would consider reapplying to Telecare to work here. He emphasized that they believe in second chances, which I wholeheartedly agreed to because working at a former employer was better than being unemployed.

After Telecare, I was discharged to a 14-day step down program at National Psychiatric Care and Rehabilitation Services, which is also the direct location of where I used to work 5 years ago. Gone are the staff I used to party with, in are the staff that bosses me around. It's a different feeling having the doors locked with only "staff" access when you used to be one. I hear calls of "mandatory" groups that I must attend, but few listen to those advice.

I believe this stay is so I remain stable on my meds which have been increased since the ER about two weeks ago.

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